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"ZTE Engineer Development Program (EDP)" Informasi lowongan kerja terbaru untuk sobat semua, semoga anda lekas mendapatkan pekerjaan :ZTE-IT TELKOM Asian Pacific R&D and Training Center Engineer Development Program (EDP) for NGN- Urgently need 15 person to join our training Competitive power you own, knowledge we deliver WHAT IS ENGINEER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (ED PROGRAM) ?Engineer Development Program (EDP) is one of ZTE-IT TELKOM Aspac R&D and Training Center new program. This training not only include theoretic but practical also with the equipment and telecommunication device. In order to you can understand and operating the telecommunication field is a sector thats growing rapidly right now.6 qualified person will be provided OJT in telco companyPlease welcome to join at least 4th December 2009Investment Rp 3.750.000,- add Rp 200.000,- to get ZTE GSM Modem.Term:Bachelor Degree From Telco, Electrical, Informatics Engineering preferredWilling to be place all over ZTE Project in IndonesiaProficient in EnglishOpportunities:SalaryBonusAllowanceHow to join Engineer Development Program (ED Program)?Fill the registration form (request the registration form by email : or come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Aspac R&D and Training Center Office.Fill and return the registration form before 4th December 2009We will contact the candidate who already registered before the training begins. All the candidates have been registered please come to ZTE-IT TELKOM Training Center (Kampus IT TELKOM, Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1 Terusan Buah Batu Bandung 40257, Telp : 022-7564108 Ext. 2031 / 085692039903).You can access this information also at

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