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  • Hot Model Body Sexy - I love him, she have great body. His face is very cute. I'm not sure were she come from. Maybe Bali, Japan, Or Korea. But i sure she is very beautiful. You...
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"Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan Terbaru, 5 Posisi" Informasi lowongan kerja terbaru untuk sobat semua, semoga anda lekas mendapatkan pekerjaan :Our Company Coal Mining in the growing need of the following candidates.:1. FINANCE STAFF (FIN)2. STAFF ACCT (ACCT)3. Secretaris (SC)4. LEGAL STAFF (LGL)5. STAFF LOGISTICS (LOG)Criteria:• Female, min. S1 Accounting (1, 2) experience min. 3 yrs.;• Female, min S1 (3), the Secretary of the Board of Directors experience min. 3 yrs.;• Male, min. S1 (4), preferably oral law S1, experienced min. 3 yrs.;• Male, min. S1 (5) experience min. 3 yrs. in the field;• Willing to be placed outside the city (4, 5).For those who meet the above criteria please send application and CV to include the code to:PO BOX 3652 JKPJakarta 10036Expiry date: Nopember 07, 2009

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Jika ada yang keberatan dengan postingan ini, silahkan koment di bawah postingan Lowongan Kerja Pertambangan Terbaru, 5 Posisi.

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