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0-1 defeat of France was not a problem for the Republic of Ireland. Origin appear offensive in the second leg, optimistic Irish to escape the World Cup.At the World Cup playoff game that in Croke Park, Dublin, Sunday (15/11/2009) WIT dawn, landing troops Giovanni Trapattoni's single goal defeat by Nicolas Anelka. The second action will take place in the cage France, Stade de France stadium, Saint Dennis, Wednesday (18/11/2009) local time.Although one goal behind and will compete at home against Trapattoni has confidence that his team could overthrew Les Bleus. Especially in the first action in Dublin, he was assessing the players have to look good."All the players played well. I'll check it to anyone injured tomorrow and what the players think, but I do not intend to change the formation," said Trapattoni on Reuters.Trapattoni was called, he would not change its strategy in the second leg later. Provided troops offensive play, he believes Ireland can score goals and drove to South Africa."I believe we can score a goal on Wednesday. I think, when we played offensively, we can score goals," said Italian coach is. Please don"t use my blog feed to your auto blog!!!

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