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Semoga informasi Prismagraphia; LOWONGAN DESAIN GRAFIS bisa membantu sobat semua untuk segera mendapatkan kerjaan :) 

Prismagraphia! as one of the most competitive graphic design agency based in Jakarta, currently
offer an exciting work environment filled with people at the top of their professional game. In
Prismagraphia! you'll find creative challenges, opportunities to develop, grow, and improve
together in a positive atmosphere.
Eager to make a difference in the world• Looking for a unique job experience• With more than 100
clients, Prismagraphia! is a truly diverse, super-creative workplace that welcomes people of all
backgrounds. And on a talented team like ours, there's no limitation of unique ideas, concepts
and creativities.
Opening Job Opportunity:
"Graphic Designer (GD)"
Job Description:
• To create philosophy, concept and creative idea
• To develop outstanding looks and distinct designs.
• To develop project-timeline.
• Responsible for all design concept in digital, manual drawing and illustration.
• Develop design and creating good-looking layout, balance to the whole design.
General Requirements:
• Male / Female
• Max. 26 years old.
• Have a remarkable skill in Graphic Design, Website Design, and Illustration.
• Have a very good sense of art.
• Impressively Innovative, Super Creative, and Totally Talented.
• Able to work under pressure, within tight deadlines and schedules.
• Able to work individually or as a team.
• Have a good communication in English, verbal and written.
Educational Background and Experiences:
• Graduated from min Bachelor degree S1 majoring in Visual Communication Design.
• Fresh Grads are welcome.
Abilities and Skills:
• Advanced in graphic design tools, including:
• CorelDRAW!
• CorelPhotopaint
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Macromedia Freehand
• Adobe Flash
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Frontpage
Advanced in web design tools (optional), including:
• Macromedia Dreamweaver
• Macromedia Flash
• Swish
• HTML, CMS, CSS, Javascript.
• In depth knowledge in PHP, SQL, Action Script will be an advantage.
Other Qualifications:
• Very good project-management skill and Able to handle multitasking jobs.
• Good communication and interpersonal, and good attitude.
• Dedicated, and service oriented.
• Fast and self learner, and highly motivated.
• Non-Smoker.
Please send a softcopy or hardcopy of your Creative Portfolio, CV, and Resume to:
Jl. Cipinang Elok 2 Blok O No. 2
Jakarta Timur 13420
Please attach code [GD] on the envelope.
Application via email will not be processed!
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