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Semoga informasi LOWONGAN KERJA MANAGEMENT TRAINEE GARUDA INDONESIA bisa membantu sobat semua untuk segera mendapatkan kerjaan :) 


October 6, 2009 at 7:08 am 
· Filed under Lowongan Kerja Terbaru 

PT Garuda Indonesia (Inc), an Indonesian state-owned company which is the flag carrier, is giving employment opportunity for the following positions :
Branch Office General Manager
Branch Office Finance Manager
Corporate Expert

Application can only be sent on-line (click to link on-line registration at the bottom of the job specification ). There is no other way to send the application.

Applicant should have an active private e-mail address to join the selection process. Applicant's error on inputting his e-mail address is intoleratable.

Applicant will receive a confirmation on the registration after filling in the application form and sending it back on-line. The confirmation contains registration number that will be used during the selection process. He can not receive the registration e-mail if the address that he uses is wrong and/or no longer active, so that he can not log-in for next announcement.

Applicant has one opportunity to be on-line registration and He/Her has to be sure that he/her has chosen the right position, and he/her has written all data, before pressing the SEND button.

Applicant should fill the form with the true data/information because the data will be clarified at the document/information verification period.

On-line registration period is 3 October 2009 up to 17 October 2009

Applications that come after the due date of the registration and/or not on-line, are not valid.

Selection result is final.

Only shortlisted candidates will join the next selection step.

Candidates who pass on the announcement in both the website of PT Garuda and the website of PPM will be contacted by PPM Management as the Independent Consultant, to join next selection step.

The recruitment and selection processes are free of charge. Transportation fee to follow the selection is borne on the applicant.

The announcement of the administrative selection result and the names of applicants who are entitled to follow the next selection can be seen in the website starting 24 October 2009, at 21.00 WIB.

Applicants, who pass the administrative selection, will be asked to come at the preliminary test. The test will be held in Jakarta, which time and location will be announced later. Applicants should bring the following documents:

Valid ID Card, original and copy.

Copy of certificate which is relevant to the education requirements and has been duly legalised by the authorities concerned

Copy of academic transcript which has been duly legalised by the authorities concerned

Copy of other relevant skill certificates

Curriculum vitae, using the form from the website after logging in, which has been filled in and submitted in a print out form

Selection Participant ID Card, using the form from the website after logging in. Filled in and submitted in a print out form

Copy of Letters of Recommendation, Decision, Testimonial or other documents to prove the experiences which have been stated in the On-line Application form

Schedules can change, if any schedule changes will be given information by email / sms broadcast


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